Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
(ISSN: 2938-2602)

Vol. 1, Issue 1, September 2023


  1. Metaverse as the New Eleusis 2.0: Are We in the Midst of the Next Renaissance? Martin Maier, Minoo Soltanshahi and Nika Hosseini
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  2. A Taxonomy for the Formation of Enterprise Blockchain Consortia
    Dominik Bons, Patrick Keitzl, Holger Schulz, Patrick Stuckmann-Blumenstein,
    Tan Gürpinar and Sebastian Brüning

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  3. Compliance or Disruption? The Dilemma of Information Governance
    in Blockchain-based Systems

    Trinh Nguyen-Phan
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  4. Visual Content Verification in Blockchain Environments
    A. Moreaux and M. Mitrea

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  5. Unlocking the Future of Money: Programmable Money Enabled
    by Self-Sovereign Identity

    Selin Sezer and Wolfgang Prinz

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  6. JUSMED: A Blockchain-based Platform for Traceability of High-Cost Medication
    Mário Divino and Allan Freitas

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